Google’s Treble Project Improves How Manufacturers Update Android Devices

May 3, 2018 •

Treble Project

Image via How to Geek

Updates to Google’s Android operating system for smartphones may not come as quickly or as regularly as you would like. Because of hitches in upgrade schedules, end users often wind up seeing lengthy delays before their Android gets the latest OS. To address this issue, Google launched its Treble Project, with an eye toward timelier upgrades, going forward.

About the Treble Project

Installing a new operating system on your Android smartphone is not a simple process. Typically Google creates a new version of the OS, which requires manufacturers to carry out their low-level software update at the same time, noted How-to Geek. This low-level software update is known as a vendor implementation, and getting it done right at the same time Google updates Android itself, can cause problems for manufacturers. This causes delays and updates that are less frequent than customers typically would prefer.

One result of the delays in upgrades is that not all Android users are working with the same version of the OS. Approximately 28% of devices currently run Android 6.x (AKA Marshmallow) and about 28% run Android 7.x (AKA Nougat). This indicates more than half of all Android phones are using an OS that’s about 2 years old now. Only 1.1% use the latest version, Android 8.x (AKA Oreo).

So, with the advent of Android 8.x, Google has separated the process of upgrading the OS from the process of manufacturers updating their vendor implementation software. This means that you can get the latest version of Android while your particular manufacturer perfects its specific software features in the vendor implementation. A brand new Samsung device, for example, would not need to wait for a chip manufacturer to update its OS to enable the new phone to work.

Are You Eligible to Upgrade?

Not all devices are eligible for this type of upgrade. Your Android phone must first be updated to Oreo. A phone upgraded to Oreo will not necessarily support Treble, so you’ll need to check with the manufacturer. All devices that are sold with Oreo already installed will automatically support Treble.

Keeping your Android smartphone up-to-date is a good idea for a number of reasons, ranging from security requirements to improved functionality. You can get even more utility from your Android when you mount it on a table stand instead of having to constantly hold it while doing tasks.

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