Google Adds New Features to Help Users Get Latest Olympics Information

February 12, 2018 •


Image via TechCrunch

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with the flood of details coming out of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic winter games, Google has added some new features to Google Search and other Google products to help you get your fill of information.

Keeping up With the Latest Olympics News

Despite the number of games to keep track of, you no longer have to struggle so much to find out what’s been happening in your favorite events during the Olympics.

Google typically adds more search features during huge events like the Olympics. For example, users of Google Search will now see more details about games when they type in Olympic-related search terms.

A search for “Winter Olympics” will result in Google showing you a list of thumbnail images corresponding to the latest updates on the games. What’s more, Google will pull information about your location to prioritize updates showing you where your country ranks in the Olympics so far, noted a report from TechCrunch. This is similar to how Google will display local results when you are searching for a restaurant or store with your mobile device.

The latest and highest ranking Google News reports about the Winter Olympics will also show up during the games for users of Google products.

Videos and Google Earth

Google’s Olympic enhancements don’t stop with search and news. The company is now showcasing clips on YouTube provided by official Olympics broadcasters. Participating broadcast partners include the BBC in the UK, the NHK in Japan, Eurosport and NBCUniversal.

YouTube TV, Google’s streaming service, will show live streaming footage of the Olympic games too. Subscribers can use their YouTube TV account to log into the NBC Sports VR app to experience virtual reality coverage of the games.

Meanwhile, users of Google Earth can learn about the Olympics through a new sports category in Google Earth Voyager. Street View (a feature of Google Maps) now includes images of Olympic stadiums and cities around Pyeongchang.

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