GM Kills Chevy Volt, Cruze and More

November 29, 2018 •


2018 Chevrolet Volt

GM Announces Cuts

Popular automaker General Motors has announced that it will be ceasing production on several passenger cars in 2019 as part of a sweeping cost-cutting plan. The plan includes cutting 15% of the salaried workforce of General Motors, and the closing of five production facilities in Michigan, Ohio and Maryland.

Production will be halted on the following General Motors vehicles in 2019:

  • Chevrolet Volt
  • Chevrolet Cruze
  • Chevrolet Impala
  • Buick LaCrosse
  • Cadillac XTS
  • Cadillac CTS

GM Vision for the Future

General Motors CEO Mary Barra stated that she is seeking to reposition GM for a future with self-driving cars and electric cars. GM declined to comment if any of the vehicles would continue to be sold overseas. While the cutting of the larger sedans like the Impala didn’t come as a shock, some were surprised by the news of the cutting of the Cruze and Volt, two vehicles that stood out during GM’s post-bankruptcy recovery. The fuel-efficient Cruze and hybrid Volt were popular among fans of smaller, more eco-friendly sedans.

American Car Buying Trends

As Americans continue to trend towards crossover SUVs and pickup trucks, automakers have made the decision to abandon may passenger cars. Earlier in 2018, Ford announced they would be ceasing production on all passenger cars except for the popular Ford Mustang. Unlike Ford, GM is not cutting all passenger sedans. Production will continue on the more popular models like the Chevrolet Malibu, Buick Regal and the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt.

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