Getac Z710 Tablet Holders

June 3, 2013 •

Getac Z710 TabletHave you heard of the Getac Z710 tablet? It’s a new rugged tablet from Getac. Getac advertises it as the world’s first 7” tablet with glove-enabled touchscreen. This makes it the perfect tablet for businesses that use tablets in the field.

What Can Getac Z710 Do?
The tablet uses Getac LumiBond™, a proprietary technology which allows for incredible touch sensitivity so the tablet can be used even with gloves on. The screen uses Toughened Glass to be more rugged and withstand falls, scratches or whatever else may happen in the field.

Another cool feature of the tablet is its wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. This means no tilting and turning of the tablet when multiple viewers are trying to read the screen. Among the many other features are a barcode reader and drop protection from up to six feet.

Getac Z710 Tablet Holders
We have six new holders for Getac Z710. You’ll find our standard holder with tilt swivel and our key lock holder with tilt swivel. We also offer charging holders, a charging holder with cigarette lighter plug and a charging key lock holder with cigarette lighter plug.

If you prefer to make your mounting setup a more permanent, cord-free solution, we also have a charging holder for hard wire installation and a charging key lock holder for hard wire installation.

Getac Z710 Tilt Swivel HolderGetac Z710 Key Lock HolderGetac Z710 Charging HolderGetac Z710 Charging Key Lock HolderGetac Z710 Holder for Hard WireGetac Z710 Key Lock Holder for Hard Wire