[Video] Samsung Galaxy S8+ Custom Holder

June 12, 2017 •

Samsung Galaxy S8+

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ has an impressive 6.2 inch display screen and a camera that will take good quality photos, no matter the lighting. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are identical in features aside from their size, with the Galaxy S8 having a 5.8 inch display screen. Both phones have been receiving great reviews since their release in April, mainly due to the modern infinity display screen design.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Standard Holder (#511967)

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ standard non-charging holder (#511967) is custom made for the Galaxy S8+. This holder is designed so your phone will slide right in and fit perfectly without a case. This phone holder is not to be used if your Galaxy S8+ has a case or cover on it. If you do have a case on your phone, take a look at our adjustable holder for the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

This standard holder (#511967) is made to keep you and your phone safer while on the road by having your device securely within reach. It includes tilt-swivel to allow your Galaxy S8+ to rotate and tilt. This also allows you to easily switch between landscape and portrait views, which is perfect for navigation!

Watch the tutorial below on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Custom Holder:

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