Galaxy S6 Edge Car Mount Phone Holders

May 28, 2015 •


Both of Samsung’s newest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, have received a lot of hype since they hit the shelves in April, 2015. The S6 Edge being highly anticipated due to it’s signature display with a Dual Edge curved screen design. Just like the Galaxy S6, we have a variety of car mount holder options available for the S6 Edge. So what makes this Edge so special? Here are some of the highlights to living on the edge:

People Edge:

  • Keeps your top five contacts at the edge of your phone for easy access to calling or texting
  • Missed calls appear on the Edge

Edge Lighting:

  • Blue lighting appears when the S6 Edge is face-down and a favorite contact calls
  • Back sensor automatically sends them a message that you are not currently available when touched

Information Stream:

  • Displays time, weather, messages and other information while the display is off
  • Tap to view more details


Other features for the S6 Edge follow the same specs as the Galaxy S6.

S6 Edge Car Mount Phone Holders

You can expect the same quality, custom construction and easy installation from our Galaxy S6 Edge car mount phone holders that you are used to with ProClip products. Our phone holders and mounts are customized to not only your device, but your vehicle as well. Our holders and mounts are made of High-Grade ABS Plastic in Sweden and are the first part of two-part mobile mounting solutions.


First, select the holder option of your choice. We currently have seven S6 Edge phone holders available in charging and non-charging options:

The second part of our two-part system is the custom dashboard car mount. Options are available by selecting your specific vehicle’s make, model and year. Our car phone mounts snap easily into the crevices of your vehicle’s dashboard, no drilling required or damage to your car’s interior.