Top Free Fleet Apps for 2018

May 8, 2018 •

Fleet Apps

Image via Trucker Path

Apps for owner-operators work double time for fleet management. You can use them on your existing smartphone without having to buy any additional tech gear. Most apps have a business savvy functionality whether it involves saving you money or time. Best of all, most of the fleet apps are free, which is always a plus for any small business owner. However, sorting through the sea of free apps to find those that work best for fleets is a time-consuming experience. Start here with our pick of the top free fleet apps for 2018, selected based on user reviews and capabilities for owner-operators.

Trucker Path

With more than 20,000 5 star ratings in iTunes, Trucker Path is the kingpin of fleet owner apps. It is also available on Google Play, and there are more than 37,000 reviewers giving it a 4.7-star rating.

Trucker Path provides GPS tracking to pinpoint truck stops and trucker parking near you. You can also check diesel prices and scales statuses. There’s even a trip planner feature that helps you map your route according to commercial access roads, truck wash locations, and restaurants with truck parking.


Not just for owner-operators, Waze offers real-time traffic information. Find out if a construction zone, accident, or police officer is up ahead. This free app is hugely popular with more than 970,000 5 star ratings on iTunes and a staggering 7.1 million reviews on Google Play giving it a 4.6-star rating. According to user reviews, the app works best on iOS devices due to its power use.

The way Waze works is individuals submit information to this social community detailing road or traffic conditions. This is combined with GPS tracking information to give you the play-by-play in your location. Plus, owner-operators can chat with other truck drivers about anything under the sun. It serves as a hot spot for drivers who use the app as a CB radio replacement.

Safe Driving With Device Mounting

By adding these two apps to your owner-operator tools, you can save time and money while keeping connected with other drivers in your area. However, it is essential to stay safe when using the apps. Consider a mounting accessory by ProClip to keep your smartphone front and center, and hands-free, in your truck.