Five Advancements in Auto Technology You Should Know About

May 3, 2016 •

Five Advancements in Auto Technology You Should Know About
As the industry evolves, it gets outfitted with new, improved auto technology. Sure, safety and maneuverability come first, but interior technology always has a spot in the industry’s must-haves. 2016’s emergent car tech boasts functionality, convenience and comfort.

Typically, new manufacturer features start at the top before hitting the market. To get a handle on the trickle-down options, consumers need to check the market’s demand for new features. Below, we run through the most innovative designs currently hitting the industry, one gadget at a time:

Gadget One: GoPro Integration

BMW has been giving the automotive world an interior facelift with exterior vision. This summer, BMW’s GoPro integration program will hit the market, tying vehicle camera feeds into driver mobile devices. As if backup cams weren’t enough, BMW’s GoPro integration utilizes its specialized Performance Data Recorder to stream visual input to the driver on a real-time basis.

Gadget Two: Samsung Connect Auto

Samsung, understandably, has entered the connected car race. The Korean electronics titan is implanting its Connect Auto service to provide mobile holders with in-vehicle LTE data support. WiFi hotspots aside, Connect Auto promises to be a new automotive tech world cornerstone. It manages maintenance flags, assists with car parking and manages real-time alerts for everyday excursions.

Gadget Three: Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay grants iPhone users the ability to control device apps via vehicle interface. While not entirely revolutionary, Apple CarPlay does close the unwieldy gap between driver and app demand. Additionally, CarPlay-equipped vehicles can expect to hook up their favorite navigation app, transforming their ride into an iOS-powered-and-guided trip.

Gadget Four: The Microsoft Band 2 App

Volvo’s recent partnership with Microsoft will promote the future of voice-commanded excursions. The Microsoft Band 2 On Call telematics app meshes smartwatch technology with in-car functionality. Rather than face button-mashing wearable assistance, road warriors, in 2016, can take charge with:

  • An entirely voice-driven experience
  • Voice customization
  • Real-Time Voice response

On Call is one of the more flexible tech additions to keep an eye on, for tech-junkies and casual drivers alike.

Gadget Five: Volvo and Ericsson In-Car Entertainment

Volvo and Ericsson are preemptively supplying the new world of self-driving cars with in-cabin entertainment. Their rollout high-bandwidth internet services are now available, streaming digital content seamlessly to drivers. While network connection is a constant issue, Volvo and Ericsson have circumnavigated potential difficult environments with network-forward search options.

As the automotive industry grows, new apps, real-time cabin environments and mobile-assisted auto systems will emerge. 2016 is the tip of the tech world’s iceberg, promising great options for current and future drivers alike.