First Look – Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

May 1, 2014 •

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Carrying a smartphone is nearly a necessity for busy professionals who live in today’s mobile-driven marketplace, but those who take plenty of photos may not be pleased with the quality of pictures these phones take. However, the end of May will bring a new player into the smartphone market—one that should please photo bugs! The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom has an exciting design and a camera that compares with many nicer digital cameras on the market today.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy K Zoom offers a 20.7mp camera with a 10x optical zoom. This is unheard of in the world of smartphones. In addition to this, the phone includes both Xenon and LED flash as well as optical stabilization. The photographic flexibility is exciting.

While this phone does offer all these photo features, it does so at a bit of a sacrifice to the overall power—especially when compared to current phones in the Galaxy line. The battery is 2430mAH in comparison to the 2800mAh on the Galaxy S5 and only comes with a standard 8GB storage. The screen size is a little smaller too (4.8 inch vs. 5.1 inch).

At first look, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom may look to be the perfect balance between high-end phone features and high-end camera features. This could be the phone many have been waiting for since it runs on the Android system instead of the Windows phone system like the easily comparable Nokia Lumina. Only time will tell how many people feel the high-end camera makes the Galaxy K Zoom a worthy addition to the Galaxy line of phones. However, it will be exciting to see further demonstrations of the phone’s capabilities after release.