ExpressJet Earns FAA Approval for EFB on Windows 10

March 18, 2016 •

ExpressJets Erns FAA approval for EFB
ExpressJet is creating positive change in the aviation industry. ExpressJet recently received FAA’s official approval to use Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) using Windows 10. How is this creating change? Good question! Since the beginning of the aviation industry, pilots have been required to carry flight information, up to 50 lbs worth of navigation charts, with them every time they fly. This included information about flight plans, GPS and FAA rules and regulations.

As technology has advanced, ExpressJet saw opportunity for improvement. Together with Microsoft, ExpressJet was able to create an EFB using Windows 10 on their Surface 3 devices which allows their pilots to quickly and efficiently access important information and help increase situation awareness, improving the safety of the crew and passengers. The implementation of the EFB has also led to improvements in safe decision-making, employee morale, and communication with team members.

ProClip USA partnered with ExpressJet to help create a custom EFB tablet mounting solution for their airline. As a partner, we are excited to see them receive FAA approval. We were able to help ExpressJet create two pilot removable, EFB tablet mounting solutions that are easily installed and have helped make the roll out of the EFB on the Microsoft Surface 3 easier and safer for the pilots and passengers. You can see our airline tablet mount solution featured in this video by Windows.