ELD Compliance Breakdown | Who’s Responsible for What? Meet the Business Development Manager

Improve the safety of your drivers with fleet management solutions including ELDs and mounting systems by ProClip USA.


Meet the Business Development Manager

As a business development manager of a transportation provider, you have a challenge. You must coordinate electronic logging devices for your fleet to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ELD rule. Start here with a list of your responsibilities to keep you on track through the process.

Choosing an Electronic Logging Device

The first step is to decide on an electronic logging device system for your fleet. If you are purchasing ELDs in bulk for a medium to large size fleet, shop for vendors that offer discounts for enterprise customers. To ensure the ELD you select is FMCSA compliant, check the Registered ELDs database to verify a company or device. Note the database is just a registration process and does not guarantee any ELD is compliant.

Bundling ELD Software and Hardware

Another way you can save money for your business is to create a bundle of your purchases. Decide on a single fleet management software system that manages the electronic logging device that all of your drivers will use. In addition to saving money and time shopping for ELDs, you also minimize the technical costs of this equipment. Since all of your drivers are using the same device, they are able to help one another with troubleshooting.

Mounting an ELD Safely

In your ELD bundle, include a high-quality ELD mounting mechanism to ensure drivers are hands-free. Mounting systems are necessary to maintain the lifespan of the equipment in this heavy-duty work environment. Once you have created a bundle for your trucks and drivers, have everything lined up and ready to roll.

Each time you hire a new driver, all of their ELD equipment, mounting solutions, and software is ready to go. This also helps cut time and costs off of new hire training when it comes to using the ELD.

Finding the Smart ELD Mounting Solution

Here at ProClip USA, we specialize in premium designed mounting systems for electronic logging devices for trucking fleets. Each of our mounts is machined and professionally hand-tooled in Sweden.

Our tablet holders include Zebra tablets, Samsung Tab, iPad, and other tablets that can be used for ELDs. To learn more about ELD mounting systems for transportation fleets, contact ProClip USA at 800-296-3212.