Does Dragon Anywhere Take Better Dictation than Siri?

June 27, 2016 •

Dragon Everywhere App

When Apple introduced its virtual assistant, Siri, for the iPhone in 2011 and for the iPad in 2012, it drastically altered how people use their mobile devices. Siri lets you speak to your iPhone or iPad to ask questions and it will also take dictation, such as to compose an email or a text message.

However, there are still some limitations to Siri that may be hampering your workflow. If you need to dictate long passages of text, the third-party app, Dragon Anywhere, may be a better choice.

What Are Your iPhone/iPad Dictation Requirements?

Siri’s time limit only lets you dictate a few sentences at a time. This is fine for people who only need to dictate a small amount of text at a time, because Siri stops recording after about 40 seconds, noted a recent article in Macworld.

If you work in a profession that has a great deal of specialized terms, you should know that Dragon Anywhere is better at recognizing jargon-rich vocabulary. What’s more, you can add new terms to Dragon Anywhere for a customized dictionary.

However, Siri is available for use with any iOS app that works with the device’s built-in keyboard, while when dictating through Dragon Anywhere, you must do all your dictation within the app itself. This may be less convenient for you, but Dragon Anywhere has the advantage of letting you make voice commands, such as to edit dictated text or to export it to an application, such as Dropbox or Evernote. Siri is not that sophisticated.

Facts About Dragon Anywhere

  • Dragon Anywhere is a third-party speech recognition app made by Nuance Communications
  • Available free for download on Apple and Android devices
  • Try the service for free with a one-week trial
  • Subscription fees are $14.99 per month, $40 for three months or $149.99 per year
  • Dragon Anywhere works faster than Apple’s Siri and can record larger amounts of text
  • Unlike Siri, which is available to take dictation whenever you are using the virtual keyboard, you can only dictate with Dragon Anywhere through the app

If you rely on your iPhone or iPad for speech recognition and tend to dictate long passages of text, Dragon Anywhere will likely suit your needs better than Siri. If you mainly use Siri to dictate short bursts of text and you appreciate the flexibility of using it throughout iOS, Apple’s virtual assistant should be sufficient for your needs.