Distracted Driving Accidents Are Causing Insurance Rates to Increase

March 9, 2017 •

Distracted Driving Accidents

Over the last several years, distracted driving accidents have increased. Whether it’s texting, changing the music, eating, or even surfing the internet, distracted driving is dangerous and affects your ability to react quickly.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, car insurance rates are spiking despite vehicles being safer and the use of seat belts on the rise. While staying accident free has traditionally been seen as a way to keep your car insurance more affordable, rates are increasing.

  • In 2016, the average U.S. car insurance premium was $926, which is up 15% since 2012

Distracted Driving Accidents on the Rise

Experts point out improved economy and falling gas prices have led to more people back to work, and more cars on the road. This increased density of vehicles allows for less space and time to react after looking up from your smartphone. In addition, smartphones aren’t the only tech distractions. Today’s cars are equipped with even more gadgets and screens that come already installed.

Regulators rely on accident data, including frequency, number of accidents per policy holder, and cost of accidents, to approve new car insurance rates. Surprisingly, the tie between smartphone related accidents and distracted driving has been hard to prove. Safety experts argue that, due to lack of data, government reports don’t show the full extent of the problem. This is partially because drivers in an accident don’t admit they were using a cell phone, and hands-free devices aren’t always easy for law enforcement to spot from the roadside.

Survey Reveals Increased Driving Distractions

A 2015 study by State Farm Insurance found that:

  • One third of drivers admitted to texting and driving, and 29% of drivers say they surf the web. Both of these stats are up significantly from 2009.
  • Half of drivers say they make phone calls while driving, which is down from 65% in 2009.
  • Even scarier? One fifth of drivers admit to taking pictures, and one tenth of drivers say they shoot video while driving.

How to Be a Safer Driver

Reduce your distractions. While distracted driving laws vary across the U.S. and some states have implemented stricter regulations, everyone should exercise safe driving practices. ProClip mounting solutions help drivers stay focused on the road, with both hands on the wheel. Our mounting solutions keep your phone in view, while still allowing you to use voice activation or a single tap/swipe to start navigation, answer a call, or perform other activities that are legal for drivers in your area.

The first part of our system is a custom or adjustable phone holder, available in both charging and non-charging options. The second part of our system is a custom dashboard mount. Both parts are made from high-grade ABS plastic and are designed to seamlessly fit into the interior of your vehicle.