The 2020 Detroit Auto Show Has Moved to June

August 6, 2018 •

Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show is changing its calendar. Organizers recently revealed that the event, from here on, will take place in June instead of January. The big seasonal jump may seem radical, but its runners seemingly have good reasons. Regardless of these changes, the event will still be held in Detroit.

The New Schedule

The world of automotive is heavily reliant on the economy. Reportedly, those running the North American International Auto Show have changed the dates to the benefit of industry suppliers and automakers alike.

The June event will allow for a higher degree of dynamic exhibits, experiential opportunities and roll-out events. While the season alone is conducive to bigger visitation numbers, the event may also benefit from a higher degree of out-of-the-house event creation.

Creative Opportunities

So, what events are they talking about? President Doug North of the Detroit Auto Dealers Association states that June gives event creators more accessibility to the region at large. A new auto show model is in the works, and the foundation is expected to create “side events” throughout Detroit. The Cobo Center will, of course, serve as the event’s main venue location.

We may see a number of exciting activities and experiential campaigns. We’re expecting to see events pop up in a few notable places:

  • Riverfront
  • Campus Martius Park
  • Hart Plaza
  • Spirit of Detroit Plaza

The Long-Term Strategy

Because the North American Auto Show will have access to such a wide-ranging network of locations, it’ll probably embrace ride-and-drive events, off-road challenges and even automated driving tests.

Over time, the sheer accessibility of the show’s events will boost more than attendance. It’ll increase driver interactions.

Plus, June isn’t all that bad of a month. Who doesn’t like a little summer fun?