Customer Reviews of ProClip Phone Mounts and Holders: October 2017

October 31, 2017 •


We get excellent reviews everyday – via phone, email, LIVE chat and social media! Drivers are looking for a custom cell phone mounting solution and we have the best phone mount available. The vehicle mount is make, model and year specific, but the best part is that the clip will not damage your dash, is easy to install and removes with little user effort. Upgrading your cell phone is another yearly tradition. We have custom holders for the latest smartphone brands! Choose the adjustable option if you plan to use a protective phone case. If you love our stuff, please let us know. Check out the top reviews for October 2017!

Customer Reviews and Social Shout Outs

Dodge Challenger mounts are ProClip best-sellers. Thank you for the great review, Jonathan!

A ProClip in every vehicle is the best solution. Thanks for the 5-Star review, Mike!

The Subaru WRX ProClip blends in with an OEM fit. Thanks for the great photo and review, Chris!

No more one-size fits all cell phone holders. ProClip mounts for the F-150 are custom to make, model, year and series. Thanks for the great photo and comment, Patrick!

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