Customer Reviews of ProClip Phone Mounts and Holders: August 2018

September 18, 2018 •

 Customer Reviews

New phone season is heating up with the 2018 August and September releases of the Note 9 and iPhone XS! ProClip is doing big things on social media. Have you watched our YouTube videos? We have videos explaining vehicle mount and phone holder installation including a weekly news series and smartphone reviews!

Facebook recently got rid of star reviews and switched to recommending product pages. Do others recommend ProClip? Is ProClip high quality? How good is ProClip customer service? Find your questions answered in the August 2018 reviews.

Customer Reviews & Social Shoutouts

Have children? Carlos recommends ProClip as the best car mount in the world for his Mitsubishi Outlander family SUV cruiser.

Three ProClip mounts are better than one. Thanks for the recommendation Nick! Customer service appreciates the feedback.

ProClip will be in every vehicle Sam owns for the rest of his life. One car down many to go!

Heather was impressed by a Jeep Wrangler YouTube video. Thanks for watching!

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