Congratulations to Brodit on 30 Years of Business!

June 28, 2013 •

We’re celebrating Brodit’s anniversary. Brodit is the manufacturer of ProClip mounting solutions. This month they will have been in business for 30 years!

Celebrating 30 Years
We’ll be joining Brodit employees and other Brodit distributors from all around the world in Karlsborg, Sweden on Saturday, June 29, 2013 to celebrate at the Brodit headquarters.

Brodit Headquarters

Brodit 30 YearsThe Birth of the ProClip Mounting Solution
The Brodit story starts with a taxi driver named Ebbe Johansson. Ebbe had bought his first mobile phone and was trying to figure out where to place the receiver in his car. Now remember, mobile phones weren’t always as sleek and portable as they are now. At this time, mobile phones weighed as much as 40 pounds and had a receiver as big as a brick. As you can imagine, it was not that simple to find a good spot in the car to put them.

After Ebbe finished his shift, he went home to his garage and found a piece of plastic to bend. He then attached it to the dashboard of his taxi and was pleased to find it was a perfect fit! The receiver was placed within easy reach, didn’t block anything and stayed firmly in place without damaging the interior of the car. This is how the first ProClip was born.

Founding of Brodit
Ebbe’s solution was soon noticed by his friends and colleagues and he had to construct more mounting brackets. The demand grew and Ebbe Johansson founded Brodit in Karlsborg, Sweden in 1983. Now three decades later, Brodit employs over 90 people and exports to 30 countries. Throughout the years, the product range has widened and thousands of holders have been produced for mobile phones, GPS, tablets and other mobile devices, but the ProClip is still Brodit’s main product.

In nearly three decades Brodit has kept strong in a tough market. “We always start with the user’s needs as we make new products” Ebbe Johansson, Brodit founder and CEO states as one explanation to the success. “It is important for us to have a good cooperation with our customers and to deliver high quality products” Johansson continues. “Besides, our range is very wide; we offer products for almost all vehicle models and devices in the world.”

The ProClip and Brodit Relationship
Brodit and ProClip USA have had a long, successful relationship. Twice a year, a team of Brodit employees travels to the U.S. to work with our team and develop working prototypes for all car models sold in the U.S. The prototypes are then shipped to Brodit for final design. We complete the final round of testing in each vehicle and once we approve the mounts, Brodit begins production.

Our business could not exist without Brodit and their manufacturing expertise. We are very happy to have seen the company grow over the past 30 years, and we are honored to be involved in this monumental celebration!