A Closer Look at iPhone 5c

September 16, 2013 •

iPhone 5c will be hitting the shelves in less than a week. Here is what we can expect.

  • Multiple Colors
    As expected, the 5c is available in an array of colors: blue, green, yellow, pink and white. You can also set your wallpaper color to match the outside of the phone.

iPhone 5C Colors

  • Special Case
    Apple also released a new 5c specific case that comes in a variety of colors. The case design has hole cutouts to show the color of the phone through the case, so you can create many different color combinations. The cases will cost $30.

iPhone 5C Cases

  • iPhone 5C InteriorNew Material
    The 5c is made out of a seamless plastic exterior. However, the interior is reinforced by metal.
  • Interior Specs
    The 5c will use the iPhone 5’s A6 processor, an 8MP camera and 4-inch retina display.
  • No Fingerprint Sensor
    This new technology of the 5s was not carried over to the 5c.
  • iOS7
    The 5c will launch with iOS7.  The new OS comes with updated features like better multitasking abilities, a new Command Center and iTunes Radio is included for free music streaming.

How Much and When?
Pre-sales started September 13th and the iPhone will hit the shelf Friday, September 20. It will start at $99 for a 16GB version with contract and $199 for a 32GB version with contract. Without contract, the iPhone 5c will be priced at $550 and $650.

What About iPhone 5c Car Phone Mounts?
We’ll have a better idea of what we will be developing for iPhone 5c holders once we get our hands on the phone.