ChowNow Retail Tablet Mounts

December 20, 2013 •

ChowNow Tablet HolderHave you ever ordered at a restaurant where the worker placed your order on a tablet instead of a traditional cash register computer?

Or maybe you placed an order online and when picking up your food you saw the kitchen staff using tablets to view orders.

ChowNow builds custom apps and software for restaurants. Orders are placed through a mobile app, Facebook page or website.

The order is then received on a ChowNow tablet in the restaurant and the food is prepared.

The software makes it super easy for restaurants to manage orders, menus and deliveries and provides customers with an easy and streamlined way to order online from their favorite restaurants.

ChowNow Mounts

Many ChowNow tablets that restaurants use are equipped with a ProClip USA customized retail kiosk mount and tablet holder. ChowNow uses pedestal mounts to attach the tablet to a counter, table or other flat surface. ProClip tablet holders then attach to the pedestal to provide a sturdy base for the tablets used in the restaurant. Watch this video by ChowNow to see how the setup works.