Choosing the Right Operating System for Your ELD: iOS Versus Android

Choose the best ELD and mounting sleeve for your fleet based on this insight from ProClip USA, the leaders in high-quality ELD device mounting systems.

As you consider which type of electronic logging device system to install in your fleet, start with the operating system. In the ELD market, there are two main operating systems that you will come across—iOS and Android. Here are some of the registered ELD systems according to the operating system that you can use to manage your fleets.

ELD Software for iOS and Android

Here is a randomly selected list of several of the currently registered ELD systems with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that use the iOS operating system:

  • driveTIME ELD by Cartasite for iOS and Geometrics
  • Astus ELD by Astus ETL Electronique for Astus, Android, and iOS
  • VDOS ELD by Sunbelt Rentals and RoadLog for iOS and Geotab
  • Titan GPS Logbook by Certified Tracking Solutions for Android and iOS
  • Penske Driver App by Penske Truck Leasing for Android and iOS
  • BluAgent ELD by BluAgent Technologies, Inc. for iOS, Android, CALAMP, BAFX/ELM, and IOSix
  • E-Log Plus iOSI by E-Log Plus for iOS
  • Compliance Now by Geosavi Inc. for Android, CalAmp, Pacific Tracks, iOS, CalAmp Veosphere, and Geometrics
  • JJ Keller ELD by JJ Keller and Associates Inc. for iOS, Android, BYOD, and Compliance tablet
  • Trucker Path ELD by Trucker Path for Android and iOS

As you notice, most of the electronic logging devices are available for more than one operating system. If you are interested in the ELD with the greatest flexibility in operating systems, Compliance Now by Geosavi is the clear winner. However, other companies like Trucker Path, Penske Truck Leasing, and JJ Keller are trucking community brands that are familiar. Some drivers may want to go with a system that is coming from a company they already support as customers.

Choose Your Operating System

If you currently use an AOBRD or other tablet-based fleet tracking system, then you will want to consider staying with the same OS. The setup of a particular operating system differs from other OS including with ELDs. By staying with one system, your fleet of drivers and your IT team will have an easier time of keeping up with data monitoring, repairs, and maintenance.

Finding a Mounting Solution

Another aspect of an electronic logging device system is how you will manage to set up the hardware. You need to be able to securely and safely mount whichever ELD you choose in your truck or fleet of trucks.

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