Manual Transmission Isn’t Dead (Yet) – 2019 Chicago Auto Show Recap

February 20, 2019 •

Recapping the 2019 Chicago Auto Show

Every February, automakers from around the world arrive in Chicago to showcase their latest and greatest innovations at the most attended auto show in the United States. We were among the crowd of showgoers who visited McCormick Place in Chicago to enjoy the festivities. Our video producers shared their thoughts and highlights of CAS, the Chicago Auto Show.

Chicago Auto Show

Manual Transmission Isn’t Dead (Yet)

Our video producer and host of Exhaust Notes, Chris, is quite fond of manual transmissions. He enjoys the connection a manual transmission brings between the driver and the road. While many have pointed to the death of the manual transmission, Chris was pleasantly surprised that not every automaker has completely abandoned the fun of driving a six-speed. The Hyundai Veloster N and Volkswagen Golf GTI were a couple of the notable favorites keeping the manual transmission alive.

Chicago Auto Show

The Rise of SUVs Continues

Over the past year, General Motors and Ford made the decision to kill off a number of passenger sedans, positioning themselves to produce more crossover SUVs. Other automakers have doubled down on crossover SUVs as well, with Honda reintroducing the Passport, Kia debuting the Telluride, Hyundai debuting the Palisade and of course, Chevrolet reintroducing the Blazer.

Chicago Auto Show

The Need for Speed

It should come as a surprise to no one that the cars that drew the biggest crowds at this year’s Chicago Auto Show were feeling the need for speed. While the all-new Toyota Supra may have drawn the ire of Chris, it was still one of the most popular cars at the show, so clearly Toyota is doing something right. Subaru also introduced their most powerful engine ever with their STI S209, and it looks quite impressive. The Audi RS3 and RS5 caused plenty of heads to turn and a special edition Kia Stinger rounded out a few of the favorites from the show.

Chicago Auto Show

The 2019 Chicago Auto Show was a big hit for automakers and showgoers alike. We look forward to making some new custom vehicle mounts for the newest cars hitting the roads. If you’ve got a new car that isn’t available on our Product Finder, let us know and we can notify you as soon as a mount becomes available.