CES 50th Anniversary: Vintage Tech Over the Years

January 4, 2017 •

CES HistoryImage credit: CES

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. CES has been the launchpad for breakthrough innovations and technologies that have changed the world. The first CES show was held in June 1967, and attracted roughly 17,500 attendees and 117 exhibitors. CES 2017 is expected to bring in more than 165,000 attendees and over 3,800 exhibitors. Over the years, CES has developed a reputation as the show to watch if you’re interested in seeing the newest technology. From concept vehicles and car tech, to drones, virtual reality (VR), televisions, and consumer robotics, CES keeps tech-savvy consumers and professionals ahead of the curve.

This year will be ProClip USA’s eleventh year in a row exhibiting at CES! But, there are a handful of companies who have exhibited at CES for more than 40 years, including Sony, Memorex (now MEM-CE), Toshiba, 3M, Lenovo, and Philips. Panasonic is the only company to have exhibited for all 50 years.

In honor of the 50th anniversary, here is a look back at some of the top tech featured at CES shows over the years:

  • VCR (1970)
  • Personal Camcorder and CD Player (1981)
  • DVD (1996)
  • HDTV (1998)
  • Digital Radio (2000)
  • Xbox (2001)
  • Blu-Ray (2003)
  • Ultra HDTV (2013)
  • 4K TV (2016)

This year at CES 2017, you can expect to see the Internet of Things (IoT) dominating exhibits with tech that is compatible with popular Voice Assistant platforms, such as Amazon’s Alexa/Echo and Google Home. The IoT will also leak over to car tech. Speaking of car tech, we can expect to see a lot in the way of electric and self-driving (autonomous) vehicles.

You can learn even more CES history by checking out the CES 50 Year Timeline. CES will be celebrating the 50th anniversary by sharing flashback photos, holding special ceremonies, giving a tribute to CES Founder Jack Wayman, and more. Be sure to follow ProClip USA as we post our own photos and experiences from this year’s event.