Tablet Holders

Will Mobile Payment Systems Become The New Norm?

Tablets for Check-in

November 16, 2015 •

Tablets and mobile phones are often used as point of sale payment processing systems. While common in the food industry, this trend isn’t specific to restaurants. Tablets are commonly used by all types of business owners to process payments, collect information or check-in customers.   Read More ››

5 Uses for a Phone and Tablet Stand in Your Bathroom Vanity

5 Uses for a Phone or Tablet Stand in Your Bathroom Vanity

November 13, 2015 •

Life is busy. With all we have to get done in a day, multitasking is a must – especially during the hectic mornings. Much of that time can be spent in the bathroom. But having your phone or tablet in the bathroom puts it at the mercy of a wet bathroom counter. Here are five ways to get the most out of your morning with a phone or tablet stand.   Read More ››

iPad Air 2 Car Mount Holders


March 11, 2015 •

Our Apple iPad car mount holders are custom made to your device for the most secure fit possible. iPad Air 2 holders are available in a variety of charging and non-charging options and are the first step in our two-part vehicle mounting solution. See which holder is best for you!   Read More ››