BlackBerry Throws Full Support Behind the Android Platform

BlackBerry Throws Full Support Behind the Android Platform

February 7, 2016 •

Will BlackBerry be moving to Android? A BlackBerry executive has recently announced that Android is the way of the future — BlackBerry devices may soon abandon their proprietary Z10 operating system. This is good news for both BlackBerry users and Android users. But what is the driving force behind this sudden shift?   Read More ››

Blackberry Classic Car Mount Holders


December 19, 2014 •

No, it’s not Throwback Thursday, but the “old school” Blackberry Classic has certainly gone viral since it’s launch. Here’s the lowdown on Blackberry’s newest flagship along with our car mount holders available for this “Classic Update”.   Read More ››

Top 5 Car Apps for Gadget and Auto Enthusiasts


September 24, 2014 •

Below is a list of apps we have hand-picked that both techies, gear heads or anyone in between will find fun and useful. Whether you’re driving down HWY 51 in Madison, WI or you’re gearing up for the race track, you’ll want these apps available to you the next time you’re in the driver’s seat.   Read More ››