The latest updates on new LG devices, features and phone mount holders.

LG V20 Universal Car Phone Holders

November 11, 2016 •

True Android fans will rejoice over the latest LG flagship smartphone, the LG V20. This new phone comes with a lot of the classic Android features that made people fall in love with Android in the first place. Check out our selection of universal, adjustable holders for the LG V20.   Read More ››

LG G5 Specs, Friends and Car Mount Phone Holders


May 24, 2016 •

The LG G5 is not the LG smartphone you’re used to. Instead, the new G5 offers users the experience to “play more.” Sold separately are the LG G5 “Friends,” additional gadgets designed with the G5’s unique modular design in mind. While LG may not be known for its innovation traditionally, enthusiasts are taking note of these thoughtful design features.   Read More ››

LG V10 Review & Car Phone Holders

LG V10

January 21, 2016 •

With the launch of the LG V10, LG has incorporated some high-end features like a fingerprint scanner, second screen and dual front-facing selfie cameras. The Korean company is making some changes in hopes of competing with other premium mobile devices, like iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+.   Read More ››