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The What, Where and How of Facebook Home

Facebook Home Screens

April 18, 2013 •

How tied are you to Facebook? Do you find yourself checking your notifications and news feed every few hours or every time you pull out your phone? If so, Facebook Home may be for you. Facebook released its new user interface on April 12 to mixed reviews. For some, it’s a great setup that focuses on the content people want to see on their phone’s home screen, but let’s face it, not everyone can be a Facebook Fanatic.   Read More ››

HTC First Launches with Facebook Home

HTC First

April 9, 2013 •

Have you seen HTC’s newest phone? No, we’re not talking about the impressive HTC One, which goes on sale starting April 19. We’re talking about the HTC First. This is the “first” (get it?) smartphone that will be released with Facebook’s new “Home” feature for Android. The phone is set to go on sale starting April 12.   Read More ››