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Best Bike Phone Mounts and Top 5 Cycling Apps

Adjustable Top Support and Strap Bike Phone Mount

July 28, 2015 •

There are tons of great cycling apps out there to help the avid cyclist and the casual bike rider reach their fitness goals no matter what they are. Although fitness is important, so is safety. The best way to enjoy most cycling apps is when it’s visible, accessible and safely locked into a bike phone mount.   Read More ››

Android Apps for Work and Business


July 22, 2015 •

As more and more work is being done on mobile devices, like your Android phone or tablet, many of us need solutions that work seamlessly with our professional and personal lives. Below are three Android apps that will help you get work done, whether it be for business or pleasure!   Read More ››

Microsoft Cortana Available Soon for Android

June 18, 2015 •

Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant which is currently available for Windows phones, will soon be coming to Android devices. While no specific date is set for welcoming Cortana to the Android world, the launch of Cortana on the OS is expected to be close to July 29.   Read More ››