Car Mount of the Year for 2010 – Beatweek Magazine

March 29, 2012 •

Car Mount
Once again, ProClip USA is recognized for it’s ingenious, in car, device mounting solutions. Here is a quote from the article:

Universal car mounts for iPhone and iPod, no matter how well done, are invariably a crap shoot because the interior of every car is laid out different. The only way to ensure your device is mounted in a way that works well in your car would be to get your hands on a mount which was specifically designed for your car make and model fortunately, as improbable as it sounds, ProClip has done exactly that. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to test out ProClip’s mounts in various kinds of vehicles, and the results have always been about the same: our iPhones and iPods have been mounted a place that’s easy to reach and stable. The ProClip consists of two components, first a mounting kit specific to your vehicle and then a holder that’s specific to your device and your usage patterns. Holders include options for a built-in charging cable, a method of semi-permanently attaching your own cable, swivel options and more.

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