The Biggest Announcements from Google at I/O 2019

May 10, 2019 •


Since 2008, Google has showcased their latest impressive technology at an annual developer conference called I/O. The very first I/O conference included a preview of the very first Android operating system. Technology has grown rapidly since the first I/O, but each year, fans look forward to seeing the newest Android innovations from Google. Here are the biggest announcements from I/O 2019.

Android 10 Q Beta

The release of the next version of Android isn’t expected until later this fall, but Google released the third beta version of Android 10 Q on more devices. This beta version gives us a good look at what to expect when the update goes live. A few of the key updates include:

Dark Mode

Possibly the most requested feature for the past couple years has been a true dark mode. Android Q will officially have Dark Theme that allows for a true black interface with the touch of a button. Google has committed to provide support for apps in dark mode as well and has created an API to assist third party developers.

The End of the Back Button

It appears that the back button will be going the way of the Dodo with Android Q. The back button has been replaced with a simple swipe gesture following the footsteps of the iPhone. Gestures will continue to be fine-tuned in Android Q, hopefully with a slightly more intuitive feel than Android Pie.

Security is Key

The biggest buzzword of I/O 2019 was security. Google launched a new initiative called Project Mainline in an attempt to make it easier for Android users to get the latest security updates through the Google Play Store. Additionally, Android Q will feature improvements in app permissions and privacy by simplifying the process of finding out which apps have which permissions.

Live Captions

The most unique Android Q announcement is a real-time transcription of video on your phone. The accessibility setting provides an amazing opportunity for those who need it and for those who may have forgotten their headphones at home.

The Ultimate Budget Smartphone

Smartphone prices have been skyrocketing over the past several years. Google’s answer to this problem arrived in the form of the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. These mid-range smartphones come packed with everything most people want in a smartphone: an incredible camera, a quality operating system with regular security updates and even a headphone jack. The processing power took a hit with the Snapdragon 670, but for a starting price of $399, that’s a sacrifice we will gladly take.

Additionally, Google announced the Pixel line would no longer be exclusive to Verizon and Project Fi. The smartphones will also be available from Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular. After a disappointing launch for the Pixel 3, this should help boost sales throughout the US.

Making a Helpful Home with Nest

Google’s smart home lineup has officially been branded with the Nest name. The Home Hub is now the Nest Hub and a brand-new Nest Hub Max was unveiled. The Nest products from Google aim to make your home more helpful with ease of use and privacy of your personal data as primary concerns.