Best Android Wear Apps and Other Fun Smartwatch Stuff

October 6, 2015 •

Android Wear is getting stylish with looks from high-end watch makers like Fossil, TAG Heuer and Huawei Watch. But, these smartwatches are more than just a pretty face. The devices have some clever functionality and apps to match. Here are a few of the cool stuff you can do from your Android Wear smartwatch.

Plan Your Workout
Android Wear comes with a native step counter to keep track of how much you move. Apps like Exercise Timer help you time your workout and manage rests for optimal benefits. You can also get data on the total distance in a walk or run and how many calories you’ve burned with more advanced apps like Runtastic Running and Fitness.


Outsmart Your Friends 
Engaged in a friendly debate about a bit of history or pop culture? The Attopedia app for Android Wear brings Wikipedia to your wrist. The application lets you search the online encyclopedia, swipe between sections of entries and scroll to read the relevant parts.


Keep in Touch with Friends
Skype just rolled out support for Android Wear in its latest app update. People with smartwatches will be able to reply to chats, check their notifications and accept or decline phone calls from their watch. The chat reply functions include sending a pre-written message, using voice-to-text and even responding in emoji by drawing on the face of the watch.


Learn a Language
Duolingo, an Android app for building foreign language skills, was one of the first to offer Android Wear support. So now, if you have a few minutes on your hands, you can flip through virtual flashcards and pump up your vocabulary in your second language of choice.


Augment Your Memory
Evernote for Android Wear allows you to view notes and check things off your list. This can be super handy in the grocery store where you’d rather not be juggling your phone and your shopping basket. You can also use voice commands to take quick notes for later. Stay organized across all your devices!


Find Your Phone
No more repeatedly asking a roommate or spouse to call your phone while you hunt for it by sound. When you use the Wear Aware Phone Finder, it sends a signal that will activate an alarm on your phone that rings until you find it.