Before Changing Phone Carriers, Ask These Questions First

December 8, 2014 •


Wireless phone carriers seem to constantly be undercutting one another with new bargain plans. And, many seem like a good enough deal that you could save a lot money by switching. But, before you jump ship for another provider, ask these questions to be sure that it’s worth your while:

What’s the data like?

With many Android users, data is the biggest factor in whether you’ll be happy with a new service. How much do they offer per month? Is their “unlimited” really unlimited? Read reviews online to see if customers in your area have been happy with data speeds, as well. If you are not sure how much data you use each month, check your usage for the past several months instead of just guessing.

How’s the coverage?

No matter how much money you save, you’ll never be happy with a new service if you can’t get good reception in the areas where you spend the most time. Check coverage maps if you travel a lot; there’s nothing so frustrating as popping your mobile in your car phone mount for a drive, then discovering you have no reception. Talk to local friends who have the service you are considering to see if they are happy with call quality and signal power.

What will it cost to switch?

If you are on a contract, there may be a fee to switch to another cell phone provider. Then, you may also have to pay for phones out of pocket. Add up the cost of the switch and figure out if it is worth it. If the service costs half as much per month but it will take you a year to make your money back on all the costs of changing plans, it may be better to keep looking.