Autoset App Launches and Quits Apps Automatically According to Your Environmental Settings

June 9, 2017 •


To get the most out of your Android smartphone, it pays to use software that lets you customize the experience as much as possible to your liking. To that end, Autoset is a new app released by MIN Studio that you can use to gain greater control over your device and its settings.

How to Use Autoset

If you have been paying more than you want for your cellular data plan, you can use Autoset to activate Wi-Fi whenever you launch YouTube. You won’t waste valuable minutes or expensive bandwidth just because you were in the mood to watch video clips during a break.

People who have a habit of turning up the volume and increasing screen brightness of their smartphone when using their navigation app can use Autoset to save these settings so the experience will be uniform each time.

Let’s say you always use your spreadsheet app to view documents in horizontal, landscape mode. Adjust the Autoset app to always force your Android device into landscape whenever you launch that app. The same type of setting can apply to the app you use to watch movies and TV shows.

If you enjoy reading or watching a video with your Android phone to help you fall asleep, you can use Autoset to automatically set when the screen will shut off, so it won’t be shining in your face for hours while you snooze.

The app helps you customize Bluetooth connections too. Use this feature to automatically activate Bluetooth and connect to your wireless speakers whenever you launch your music app.

If your games are always too loud and are annoying people around you, deploy Autoset to adjust the volume to your preferred level whenever you launch a particular game. You can even protect your hearing by using Autoset to limit the device’s volume to a pre-set level whenever you plug in your headphones.

Using the Autoset app will give you exquisite control over your Android device. You’ll save money by forcing it to only use free Wi-Fi instead of the cellular data network when consuming entertainment and you’ll save time by automating tasks according to environmental conditions. Autoset requires Android 5.0 and up and costs $1.49 in the Google Play Store.