Could Your Android Phone Actually Drive a Car?

March 8, 2018 •


The Future of Auto

Do you find driving to be more of a chore than a pleasant experience? When you consider your daily commute, countless errands and perhaps the occasional road trip, you may find yourself wishing that your vehicle could drive itself. Auto companies are scrambling to build smart cars that can drive autonomously, with no input needed by the human occupants.

These days, there is an intersection between different technologies that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago, and this includes smartphones and smart, driver-less vehicles.

Consider that every time Android smartphone manufacturers develop an improved version of their devices, they need to find a way to demonstrate to the public the latest capabilities. A case in point is Huawei, which recently showed off how powerful its new Mate 10 Pro is, thanks to artificial intelligence in the Kirin 970 chip that serves as smartphone’s brain.

A Mobile Device in the Driver’s Seat

In a 5-week project to prove the device’s capabilities, the team at Huawei took a Porsche Panamera and installed a Mate 10 Pro processor, according to a BGR report. After training the AI, they showed that it can recognize dogs and cats.

Huawei’s efforts are not an indication that they are branching out into becoming a car manufacturer, but show how powerful its technology is. They gave themselves 5 weeks to test the vehicle-driving AI to draw attention to their phone at Mobile World Congress, which concluded March 1, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

The Kirin 970 chip did manage to avoid running over a dog during testing, but that doesn’t mean it is anywhere near being ready to drive autonomously in crowded city streets.

Anticipating a World of Self-Driving Cars

The latest news from Huawei about its AI-guided driving system certainly is an encouraging development. We can expect self-driving cars to become more prevalent on the roads as manufacturers continue to improve the software and technology powering these AI-controlled systems.

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