How to Attach an Angled Head to a ProClip Cable Hollow Core Pedestal

July 7, 2014 •

Our angled head attachments for our ProClip pedestal mounts conveniently display your device at just the right angle. Angled head attachments range from 15 to 90 degrees and are available in 15 degree increments.

Installation only takes a few minutes. Please follow along with the instructions or watch our short, instructional video of the process below.

When attaching an angled head to a non-swivel pedestal, find the holes that offer the best angle and attach the head using the included machine screws.

When attaching an angled head to a tilt-swivel pedestal, keep in mind where the swivel stops in its rotation. After this has been determined, attach the head using the included self-tapping screws.

Check out our other instructional videos on how to easily install your ProClip mounting solution. Ready to print “How to Install” instructions are also located on each pedestal product page.