Apple Watch Nike+ Now Available for Order

November 1, 2016 •


In September, Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 2. With the new version, updates came with on-board GPS, water proof design, and watchOS 3, the software to finally bring faster and smoother operability. In addition to new internals, Apple also launched dedicated Apple Watch Series 2 models, including the Nike+.

The standard aluminum and steel versions are still available, but now alongside a ceramic version and the Nike+ branded option. Apple Watch Nike+ provides an experience tailored to runners and athletes, from the aggressively sporty appearance, to the dedicated watch faces for workout tracking.

Apple Watch Nike+

Freeing the watch from a companion iPhone is one of the more prominent advantages. Thanks to the new hardware on all Series 2 devices, when out for exercise, an iPhone is no longer required for accurately tracking a run, bike, walk, or whatever gets your heart rate going. The built-in GPS can provide a completely mapped exercise and even highlights hotspots of quicker activity.

Continuing the movement away from the companion iPhone, as always, the Nike+ version also allows for on board music storage. Directly pairing a set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds to a watch with onboard music, now means you can jump out the door with a completely tracked workout and enough songs to get you through, all while leaving your iPhone on the nightstand. The question that remains unanswered is the launch date for Apple’s wireless earbuds, the AirPods.

Once you are on the trail, Nike+ gets you connected to the Nike+ Run Club, installed directly on Series 2. Socially connecting millions of runners, you will also get guidance on workouts and, according to Nike, be able to push your self farther, thanks to motivation. The app provides historical workout data and details of the same. Reminders will come from connected friend activity, weather, and your own history. A dedicated run scheduler keeps you consistent through the week.

Nike+ watch faces are an additionally compelling exclusive feature to the new device. With quick access to information like the activity rings, weather conditions, and Nike+ Run Club, the watch face make navigating workout information simple. Like the sporty hardware, these Nike+ watch faces are similarly fashionable. With large, bold typefaces in traditional Nike typography, the watch faces are a welcomed addition of third party integration.


As can be expected from all Nike products and in tune with the new faces, the device itself is very sporty in appearance. The standard Apple silicon bands are updated for Nike+ with new electric colors and small holes for breathability. Four different combinations give you a choice for style: Space Gray aluminum with Black/Volt band; Space Gray aluminum with Black/Cool Gray band; Silver Aluminum with Flat Silver/White band; Silver aluminum with Flat Silver/Volt band. Pricing starts at $369 for 38mm case and extends to $399 for 42mm, available now via the Apple online store on Apple retail locations.