The New Apple TV 4K Confirmed with HDR

September 15, 2017 •

Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV has just been awarded its second Emmy, in recognition for the way Siri enables interaction between media content and shows. Searching for content is enabled through simple voice commands and queries, which pull information from the vast assortment of apps on the Apple TV. On Tuesday, September 12, Apple again pushes new TV technology, by upgrading to the latest standards.

Apple TV 4K Top Features

According to Tim Cook, across TV history, there have been a few inflection points that stand out. First, black and white was the only way to enjoy programming. Then, we moved to the introduction of color, followed many years later by high definition. Now, Apple is helping usher the next inflection point. The new Apple TV 4K will bring “cinematic quality to everything you watch.” With Apple TV 4K, two key technologies drive the evolution of TV.

Apple TV 4K

1. Ultra High Definition

First, ultra high definition at 4K resolution, has more than 4 times the pixels of regular high definition.

2. High Dynamic Range

Second, high dynamic range is about better pixels with full spectrum color gamut. Apple TV 4K will support HDR10 and Dolby Vision to ensure capability with new media, as neither standard has proven to be the front runner.

The New Apple TV 4K

A10X fusion chipset is on board; it is the same chip in the new iPad Pro. The CPU is twice as fast and graphics are generated at 4x the pace, which is necessary for the additional graphic spectrum. Moreover, the ability for more advanced gaming is made possible with the silicon upgrade.

Apple TV 4K

Content is, naturally, a big part of this process. Apple has cut deals with Hollywood to ensure the price of 4K content remains the same as current HD prices. Moreover, any content you already own on iTunes will be upgraded, for free, to 4K HDR. This is a huge financial win for customers and a smack in the face to physical media, which requires viewers to continually purchase the upgraded physical standard to improve their movie library.

Streaming Services

Netflix and other streaming services will be available with 4K content, which is already available on other platforms. Apple also took the time to re-highlight that Amazon’s Prime streaming service will be added by year end, including their own 4K HDR content.

Apple TV 4K

Live Television

Later this year, Apple TV will add live sports. For example, if your team is playing on ESPN, you will get notifications for upcoming games or games that are about to start. Live titles even show the score of a game in progress, right on the Apple TV. A dedicated sports tab will show live and upcoming games, all in the TV app. Live news will also be available, later this year.

Apple TV 4K Specifics

The actual set-top-box and remote remain essentially unchanged.

Apple TV 4K starts at $179 for 32 GB and will be available for pre-order on September 15, with in-store availability and pre-order delivery on September 22.