Apple Restores Apple Pencil Navigation for the iPad Pro

March 7, 2016 •

Apple Restores Pencil Navigation for the iPad Pro

(Image via Digital Trends)

Do you routinely use an Apple iPad Pro for business? While the touch-sensitive display is great for manipulating elements on the screen, such as tapping icons and buttons, some people find that for the right degree of precision and control, a stylus can provide better pinpoint accuracy, down to the level of an individual pixel.

When working on the latest Apple devices, some end users find that capabilities they have grown used to are adjusted or removed as tweaks are made to both the software and the hardware. A case in point is the Apple Pencil, which is compatible with an iPad Pro. The four most recent beta versions of iOS 9.3 lowered Apple Pencil’s functionality, preventing users from opening links or apps, or scrolling the display, noted by a recent report from Apple Insider. But now, with the beta 5 iteration of iOS 9.3, the company has restored this capability.

The reason for removing a users ability to use the Pencil in place of a finger was so Apple engineers could continue refining the device’s navigational ability. Now that this functionality is restored, we can expect to see an improvement in efficiency for use with the iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil launched and began shipping in 2015, with the company promoting it to users needing a tool for writing and drawing. But the Pencil works as more than a drawing device, as you can use it to navigate the iPad Pro, tapping menu items and icons in native and third party applications. For people who don’t use the device primarily for making art or writing, Apple Pencil still gives them an easier way to run apps on the tablet without using their fingers.

Facts about Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil measures 6.92 inches from cap to tip, has a diameter of 0.35 inches and weighs just 0.73 ounce. Here are the latest specifications for the device:

  • Stylus is sensitive to tilt and pressure for exquisite line control
  • Comes with a Lightning Adapter and an extra tip
  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Cap is magnetically attached to Pencil to keep it safe when not in use
  • Priced at $99.00 with free shipping from Apple

If you rely on the iPad Pro for business tasks or for working on creative projects, the newly restored Pencil navigation provided in Apple’s update for iOS 9 should make your workflow go much more smoothly.

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