Apple Unveils Major Upgrades With iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

June 7, 2017 •


iOS 11

Every year, the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference announces updates to its operating systems. For developers, this is an incredible opportunity to learn from Apple itself, during a week long educational gathering. For consumers, it’s a chance to get a sneak peak at the upcoming iOS 11, which will be available for iPhone and iPad. The new system includes major enhancements that the average user will find quite compelling. From a completely refreshed App Store, to multi-tasking-drag-and-drop options for iPad and the ability to text each other money.

iOS 11 – Apple

iOS 11


With iOS 11, a new app drawer will allow for easier access to messaging apps, stickers, and communication tools. Thanks to iMessages and iCloud, all conversations are automatically synced between new devices and existing devices. Consequently, this frees storage by only caching recent messages on your device’s hard drive.

Apple Pay

iOS 11

By end of the year, 50% of retailers will offer Apple Pay access in their stores. Currently, Apple Pay is available at stores, via apps, and recently through the web. With iOS 11, Apple introduced one of the most useful additions, the ability to send money from person-to-person. Using iMessage and an new Apple Pay integration, users can send and receive money using TouchID. A new Apple PayCash card allows for the medium to store, transfer or offload the amounts to your bank accounts. Look out PayPal, Square Cash and Venmo!


iOS 11

Used monthly for 375 million devices, Siri’s voice is now more naturally expressive, for iOS 11. Additionally, a visual Siri interactive view provides multiple results from a query. Siri can also now verbally translate languages, from spoken language. Meaning, speaking into Siri in English, can return a translated response from Siri in Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Siri is now also opened to control and access actionable options in all other apps, via a new Siri SDK for developers.

Siri learning can also receive contextual information throughout the entire phone. For example, if you are reading an article about a location, you may see information about this location start appearing in the feed, or as autocomplete suggestions when typing a message to a friend. Additionally, it can suggest adding an event to your calendar for a ticket that was just booked in Safari.

Control Center

Control Center is found by swiping up on your iPhone screen, which gives you a set of tools for quick actions. Control Center is now a single page, with small categories of controls, like grouping radios – wifi, bluetooth, cellular. Music can be quickly controlled. Deeper control is offered by Force Touching the grouped controls. Most importantly, the entire layout of keys can now be controlled per user.


iOS 11

The has a few new tricks to highlight. The new Moments feature can better compile photos and videos into small albums using machine learning to pair items together, including the ability to recognize animals, locations and times of day. New Live Photo editing allows for cropping an image, choosing a new primary image from a series and looping/bouncing the images.


iOS 11

With Apple Maps, new detailed internal building information can be found, mostly related to malls and airports, even including retail locations. Navigation will now show speed limits for your current location and lane guidance ensures you are in the correct spot for the next direction change. A new optional safety feature allows users to enable ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’, which rids your screen of communication, allowing you to focus on driving.

App Store

iOS 11

Normally a market place would not be considered a feature enhancement, but with 180 billion app downloads to date, the App Store is clearly one of the most used features of the operating system. The new re-design features much larger and immersive graphic engagement. New app cards show bigger images of the apps to help you quickly identify the app you searched for. Stylized after the, a new tab, “Today,” let’s Apple highlight featured apps. “Games” will have its own dedicated space; subsequently, “Apps” have their own dedicated space, but not for Games, helping to granularly showcase apps.

Overall, the iOS 11 update is expansive and the keynote only brushed over the highlights. The developer beta is already available, but the finished product will come this fall, when the new iPhone 8 is launched.