Apple Announces October 27 Mac Event

October 22, 2016 •

Apple Announces October 27 Mac Event
On Thursday, October 20, Apple sent out media invitations to an upcoming event. The media event will be held on Apple’s Cupertino campus on this coming Thursday, October 27. Many armchair pundits always claim there is a hidden message in the tea leaves of an Apple media invitation. At least this time, they may be exactly correct. When first announced, the Mac spoke to the audience and the word “hello” ran across the screen in script. It would only stand to reason, if there is a ‘hello again’ event, it must certainly spell updates for the Mac.

New Macs Coming October 27


Rumors continue to gain traction as the event approaches. Most notably, the entire Mac line, whether laptop or desktop models, has gone untouched for more than a year. According to MacRumors, the MacBook Air, for example, has gone 595 days without a refresh and the MacBook Pro is close behind, with a major refresh 524 days previous.

Using the tagline “hello again,” is a bold move, considering the phrase has not been used since the original Mac was launched in 1984. Steve Jobs revolutionized personal computing at the announcement and it appears, Apple hopes to do the same, again. Consequently, simply giving a spec bump, like new processors and a larger hard drive, would not really fulfill the claim of a revolutionized personal computing device. It would appear that Apple has a few treats to share just before Halloween!

The rumor mill conjured up a “Magic Toolbar,” confirmed by trademark filings, that would sit just above the MacBook number keys. This OLED touch panel would allow for dynamically displayed and interactive information. For example, it may change functionality based on the currently active application. For example, a reply, direct message, and retweet button, if using Twitter, could display on the panel. With a software style interaction, the keys can be changed on need, similar to iOS.


Touch ID could make its way to the device, by way of the power button. iPhone and iPad allowed Apple to perfect Touch ID and the MacBook will benefit from secure login credentials, password protection, and onboard Apple Pay functionality, which currently requires an external device to authenticate.

The MacBook 13″ butterfly-style keyboard will most likely be ported to the new MacBook Pros, allowing for a thinner design. Additionally, USB C could be the only I/O ports available, as Apple tries to kill USB A/B. It is presently believed that the headphone jack will remain.

A recent report by often correct KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, states that the MacBook Pro 13″ and 15″ devices will be the biggest update during the event. Kuo believes another 13″ MacBook will debut, most likely refreshing the outdated MacBook Air 13″ model. The iMac, new Cinema Display, and Mac Pro will be absent from the Thursday launch.

With the event being held on Apple’s own Cupertino campus, it will be much smaller than iPhone and iPad events. However, if the MacBook Pro receives an incredible update, the number of people in attendance, is not reflective of the impact these new features may bring to personal computing. Apple will live stream the event, starting at 10:00AM Pacific, via their website and Apple TV app.