All New Apple HomePod Speaker System and 10.5″ iPad Pro

June 6, 2017 •


On Monday, June 5, Apple announced a new iPad Pro and the much anticipated HomePod. The two new 10.5″ edge to edge screen was predicted before the show, as well as an Amazon-Echo-like speaker system, but neither were completely confirmed. It wasn’t until the later part of the presentation, when Apple announced both of the upcoming devices. Take a step inside to learn more about Apple’s latest tablet and upcoming Siri-powered HomePod speaker system.

HomePod – Apple

Arguably the biggest announcement of the WWDC Apple press event, is the new Siri-powered speaker, HomePod. With their intention to “reinvent home music,” Apple takes shots at Sonos and Amazon Echo. Apple claims their new breakthrough speaker will “rock the house,” be “spatially aware,” and recommend music to listeners.

The new HomePod is completely covered in speaker mesh material, with a colored Siri light and interactive screen on the top. In under 7″, the device contains 7 beam-forming twitter array, acoustic horns, and directional audio control. A 4″ upward facing woofer will keep bass strong. It also contains an A8 chip, which is an iPhone class architecture for true computer power.


Spatial awareness is a feature that allows the device to detect its space by measuring the room and adapting music output via directional control. Additionally, the units can be paired for the same room, for stereo sound or a mesh network of music through a home.

The music recommendations are hosted and determined by accessing the user’s Apple Music account. A 6-microphone array can listen to commands and play music.

However, music is not the HomePod’s only trick. Other included domains: news; unit conversion; messages; reminders; podcasts; alarms & timers; translation; stocks; general knowledge; weather; traffic & nearby; sports; and HomeKit.

HomePod will be available later this year for $349.

iPad Pro Devices 13″ and 10.5″ – Apple

One of the first, yet subtle differences, is with the new iPad Pro. The largest iPad is no longer referred to as the 12.9″ iPad, it is now referred to as the “iPad Pro, 13″.” iPad Pro 13″ is the new generation for the original iPad Pro of the same size. Many features were given to the iPad Pro 9.7″ last fall, that the larger brother lacked. These features are now added to the iPad Pro 13″ and launching with a mid-sized device at 10.5″.

The 10.5″ gives you 20% more screen real-estate, over 9.7″. It is also the smallest size that allows a full on screen keyboard.

Features releasing with the new devices include: True Tone display; P3 wide color gamut; Apple Pencil support; 600 nits brightness; HDR video; low reflectivity; and ProMotion. ProMotion is a combination of software and hardware capabilities, that allow for a 120Hz refresh rate. Therefore, any motion content on the screen is smoother and more responsive. Even scrolling should appear more smoothly. Additionally, ProMotion allows for 20ms response rate from Apple Pencil, making it more natural.


The new A10x six core CPU makes things incredibly fast for a tablet. This offers 30% more CPU performance over the existing A10 chip, found in the iPhone 7. All of these hardware features will help power the new iOS 11 features, specific for iPad. Key new features include an enhanced dock, between app drag-and-dropping and The new Files app allows users to have a full blown desktop-grade file structure, which has been a request for many years with iOS.

New iPads are available now, shipping the week of June 12, starting at $649 for 64GB.