Apple Announces iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition

March 22, 2017 •

iPhone 7 product red label

On Tuesday, March 21, Apple quietly posted a Special Edition (PRODUCT)RED version of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Hardly an “announcement,” Apple quietly added the new devices to the Apple online retail store in the early morning hours. The new devices feature an all new red colorway, but a familiar form factor. Red is an all new color for iPhone in its 10-year history.


iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus product red

As predicted earlier, the new update features a color Apple holds for specialized versions of its product line. The new colorway is tied to the (PRODUCT)RED category of devices that support the Global Fund, which enhances AIDS/HIV programs around the world.

iPhone 7 ($749) and iPhone 7 Plus ($849) match the Jet Black colorway specs, meaning the two capacity options are only 128GB and 256GB. Consequently, if you are looking for the hottest new iPhone color, you will have to shell out a minimum of $100 more, just because Apple forces the capacity upgrade. If black, grey, gold, or rose gold are your preference, you can still pick up either of those versions, starting at $649 for 32GB.

The (PRODUCT)RED version comes with the same accoutrement found with the previous iPhone 7 devices: Lightning enabled EarPods; Lightning to USB-A charging cable; 5W power block; and, the all important 3.5mm auxiliary headphone jack to Lightning adapter.

iPhone 7 product red hero

Apple’s timing for the update is strikingly different than previous behavior. The Cupertino company has never updated an iPhone by just throwing it up on the Apple online store. Typically, any color or model changes are specific to a formal Apple media event. The update comes alongside a small spec-bump to the iPad Air processor, now simply called “iPad.” Additionally, several new Apple Watch band colors were also added.

Perhaps this small update was made without fanfare because the company has much bigger plans in store for April. Many pundits claim a true update to the iPad Pro line is possible this spring. While the update today was small and negligible, there is a strong rumor claiming a new 10.5″ iPad with edge-to-edge screen could launch in April, with the event being held at the new Apple Campus.

Regardless of future iPad speculation, the new iPhone 7 is fact. Previous rumors aligned and the new device is now an actual product. While all rumors do not come true, where consistent sources point in the same direction, the recent Apple rumor mill is becoming quite adept at connecting the dots.

The new iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition devices will be on sale Friday, March 24. If previous launch timelines are true, the device will go on sale at 12:01AM PST at week’s end. Getting one of the new devices on launch day will most likely require some quick work via the Apple online store. Set your alarm!


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