After Thanksgiving, Get the Most Out of Black Friday Coupons and Deals With the Retale App

November 17, 2017 •

retale app

Image via Google Play

Some people regard the enormous quantity of Thanksgiving food at their annual feast as fuel to power the post-holiday Black Friday shopping. If you are that type of person, then you know how important it is to stay organized. It is especially important to have a plan in order to take advantage of all the deals available.

To that end, you will want to maximize your purchasing power with the Retale app for Android devices. When the table is cleared and your guests are sleepy from the turkey, you will be gearing up to hit the malls and fill up your shopping cart.

Benefits of the Retale App for Android Devices

The Retale app updated on November 6, right before the Black Friday shopping event that occurs every year. Google Editors’ Choice featured this app, which at least 5 million Android devices have installed.

Retale is designed to help you catch the latest deals from all your favorite major retailers, including Macy’s, Target and Walmart. The app includes in-store saving offers at checkout with a new loyalty card option and notifications about new deals.

To help you stay on track, Black Friday store hours are provided, along with tips for surviving your shopping adventures. You will see the latest Black Friday ads in one screen with daily updates. You will also see a Black Friday curated tab to highlight special offers that you might otherwise miss.

If you hate having to cut out coupons from the newspaper, the Retale app lets you redeem electronic coupons using your smartphone. Participating retailers will notify you about new coupons and other new deals from within the app. To customize the experience, you can set up alerts about deals according to the products and stores you specify. The app even helps you create smart shopping lists based on updated information from retailers.

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