Android P Update Coming Soon To Your Smartphone

July 30, 2018 •

Android P

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Android P Coming Soon

Any Android smartphone that you purchase will not stay the same—devices will change as new capabilities, options and features become available thanks to upgrades to the operating system.

Savvy and loyal Android smartphone users know that they can look forward to regular updates to the OS that powers their device. You should take advantage of updates not only to get access to new capabilities, but so you can also use the latest versions of apps. Updates also typically address security issues with fixes to the system, so there are many reasons to upgrade.

About Android P

The latest update is called Android P and follows the previous Android Oreo operating system released in 2017. If you’re a diehard Android user, you’ll want to know how likely it is that new phones will come stock with Android P already installed or when your existing phone will be eligible for an upgrade

For example, Samsung S9/S9+ and Note 8 users can expect to get the new Android P, so you can anticipate them coming stock with this OS, according to a recent Digital Trends report. Stay tuned to this blog for updates on Android P and which phones can run it.

Top Features of Android P

The latest version of the Android operating system will include a range of improvements and new features (described by Android Central) for you to look forward to, including:

  • Gesture-based system to navigate the user interface
  • Adaptive Battery mode helps to maximize available battery life
  • Back button will only appear when it’s needed in various apps and menus
  • App Actions will provide you with shortcuts to the apps the phone predicts you will use next
  • Biometric authentication now done with a new standard called BiometricPrompt API to make it easier for developers to authenticate you as a legitimate user
  • People concerned they use their device too much can use the new App Timers feature to restrict use after a set amount of time.Enjoying Your New Android Operating System

After purchasing a new smartphone with the latest Android operating system or getting your current phone upgraded to the latest OS version, it’s important that you keep yourself and your fellow passengers safe when driving and using the phone (such as for GPS navigation). It’s best to secure your Android smartphone in a vehicle dashboard mount, so can stay hands-free and focus on the road ahead.