Android Marshmallow Includes Google Translate for Apps

November 10, 2015 •

Last week, Google released Android Marshmallow on Nexus devices. Included in the newest Android update is the ability to use Google Translate with some apps.  As Android Marshmallow continues to roll out, Google is featuring the ability for developers to include Google Translate within their apps during development. For instance, Android apps like TripAdvisor, WhatsApp and LinkedIn will now be able to interpret texts, chats, and other content in 90 different languages.

After you’ve downloaded the Translate app on your phone, you can simply highlight the text you want interpreted or you can type your text in English and have it translated to any of the 90 languages available. What’s more is you can take a photo of text to translate or auto translate speech to text!


Many users will find the ability to translate to the language of their choice convenient for business communications or leisurely travel. Even language students will enjoy it as a learning tool. However, Google is hoping the tool will help break down everyday language barriers within communities.

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