Are Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones Worth the Bargain?

July 17, 2018 •

Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones

Thanks to lightweight smartphones, laptops and tablets connected to the Internet, consumers have access to more information than ever before to help them make informed decisions about the latest available electronic devices.

A case in point is the giant online retailer Amazon, which consumers rely on to select from a wide range of reviews of smartphone manufactures before having devices delivered straight to their door. Those who have joined Amazon Prime (paying a yearly membership fee) enjoy deals on shipping as well as discounts. To encourage customers to purchase phones via Amazon, the store has been offering deals on unlocked phones available to members only.

So, are Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones worth the bargain?

About Amazon Prime

If you haven’t joined Amazon Prime, a bit of an introduction would be in order. The company currently charges members $12 per month to join Amazon Prime on a monthly basis and they can cancel at any time. Membership benefits include free delivery on millions of items, access to streaming video of exclusive original series and free, early access to e-books prior to their official publishing date.

Finding Deals on Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones

If you dislike having to check out a bunch of different manufacturer and carrier websites just to find a good deal on your smartphone, Amazon Prime Exclusive phones may be your best option. Convenience is huge, since all the different devices and carriers you can get via Amazon are displayed in a chart for comparison.

Amazon previously offered deals to customers on these unlocked phones through the Amazon Prime Exclusive program because they were supported by advertising. The company actually used to serve ads on the entire lock screen of your device, serving to promote the company’s content (an app, e-book or a new streaming show available only on Prime). Or, if you had enabled personal notifications on your smartphone, Amazon would send you relatively low-key card-style advertisements along with the other notifications. But Amazon removed lock screen ads in February, in part because it wanted to make it easier to use features such as facial recognition.

Included Apps

Now to sweeten the deal, the retail giant will include a pre-installed selection of Amazon apps on all phones it sells through the Prime Exclusive program. Android Central notes that these apps include Amazon Alexa, Drive, Music, Kindle, Audible, Moto Alexa, Prime Video, Prime Photos and Prime Now.

So the question of whether Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones are worth it to you will have to include whether you want the other benefits too, such as the break on shipping costs and access to exclusive content. Still to be seen is whether a significant amount of customers will find the bargains irresistible, to the point that there will be a future for Amazon Prime Exlusive phones.

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