5 iPhone-Like Android Apps for Former Apple Afficianados

January 29, 2015 •

It’s one of the great questions of our time: iPhone or Android? We’re all in one camp or the other, but sometimes people defect to the other side. When they do, the transition can be choppy. If you’ve recently converted to the Android world from the iPhone sphere, here are five apps to make your transition as smooth as possible.


For that apple-like feel, turn to iLauncher ($2.54). It does not have all of the features that the iOS interface includes; for example, you can’t pull up a search by sliding down on the home screen. It will make your Android device feel a lot more like an iPhone though, at least on the software side.



INoty ($1.44) will disguise your device’s status bar to appear like that of an iPhone. Your bar will become translucent. The app also provides additional notifications when used with iLauncher.


Pocket Casts

If you’re a podcast junkie, you’re probably missing the iPhone’s Downcast. There’s nothing quite the same available for Android devices, but Pocket Casts ($3.99) will probably meet all your needs. Admittedly Doggcatcher ($2.99) has more features, but Pocket Casts’ user experience is closer to Downcast’s.



MightyText (free) is mighty awesome. If you’re missing iMessage, MightyText does the same thing for Android devices. With it, you can text from your computer, and people will think you’re using your Android phone. It’ll show the text as coming from your Android’s phone number, and friends can reply to that number.



Lookout (free) is an app that fills in for Find My iPhone, since Find My Android doesn’t exist. It will protect your information and locate your device, and you can also wipe or lock your device if need be. Should someone try to steal your device, the app can be wet up to scream and send you a photo of the thief.


If you’re having a hard time adjusting to your new Android, don’t despair. Install these five apps, and the transition will be that much easier for you. Soon, you will be fully adjusted and singing the praises of your new device.