5 Back to School Apps for Parents

August 18, 2015 •


Summer is coming to an end and school is about to be in session. Preparing your kids to go back to school means running around town shopping for school supplies, coordinating schedules and getting back into study routines. Staying organized during this busy time is important, which is why we’ve found five back to school apps to help you get ready for the new school year.
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5 Apps to Help Parents Get Ready for Back to School Season

Having your phone and tablet safely secured in a holder and mount will take away some stress of the back to school season, here are five apps that will help with the rest.

Back to school season means back to school shopping, which can get expensive. ShopSavvy can help ease the financial burden of getting the kids ready. This app allows you to search for sales from all of your favorite stores. ShopSavvy allows you to scan barcodes to help you find the best price in your area.

Shop Savvy back to School App

Going back to school means juggling practice schedules and after school activities. Cozi is a great app for keeping every family member’s schedule in one convenient place. This easy-to-use app allows you to see everything your family has going on for the week. It offers you the option to store recipes and make shopping lists within the app. You can even create chore lists to share with your family. It’s free and available for Apple and Android, and accessible via mobile device or computer.

Cozi Back to School App

A new school year means new artwork to cherish. Although the fridge is a fantastic place to display your child’s artwork, it’s not a permanent storage option. But thanks to ArtKive, you can keep all of your child’s artwork in one convenient, organized space. All you have to do is take a picture of your child’s art project, give it a tag, title and date and you have it saved for a lifetime. This app allows you to easily share the artwork on social channels and provides you the option of turning your favorite pieces into books and other great gifts! It’s available for $4.99 on Apple and Android.ArtKive Back to School App

With everyone’s hectic schedules, it’s important to know where your family members are at all times. Life360 can help you do just that! This app allows you to keep track of where everyone is. You can set up check-in points and receive notifications when your child arrives at soccer practice or makes it off the bus safely. It will provide you with peace of mind knowing everyone is where they should be while also eliminating the need for those annoying “where are you” texts. Life360 is a free app and is available for Apple, Android and Windows.

Life360 Back to School App

Khan Academy
With school comes homework and let’s face it, sometimes you need a quick refresher to help you children with their assignments. Khan Academy is a great free app to help your children learn while you…relearn! It offers great learning tools, videos and exercises for anyone student – young or old! It covers a variety of subjects in a variety of educational levels. Khan Academy is available on Apple and Android.

Khan Academy Back to School App