2018 Current ELD Mandate Fines

Upgrade your fleet with FMCSA compliant electronic logging devices and mounting systems by ProClip USA.

ELD Mandate

2018 Current ELD Mandate Fines

By December 2019, we enter full compliance mode with the electronic logging device rule. Everyone will be required to use ELDs. This includes those operators who are currently grandfathered in with automatic onboard recording devices. Be ready for the mandatory use of ELDs so your company doesn’t get hit with unnecessary fines. Learn more about ELD mandate fines and penalties to protect your company’s CSA score.

Understanding Penalties for Truck Drivers

Drivers who are required to follow the ELD mandate are subject to fines and penalties if they don’t comply. The fines are determined by violations that drivers can be charged with, mostly focusing on hours of service rules. Truck drivers, fleet owners, and trucking company managers can be charged for various violations. Typically, these violations are detected during Department of Transportation inspections.

Fines for Electronic Logging Devices

According to the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015, the FMCSA had to increase its fines for truck driving regulations. Published in April 2017, several of these FMCSA fines are related to the use of ELDs:

  • Knowingly falsifying electronic log records $12,135 fine
  • Violations involving ELD reporting and recordkeeping fine ranges from $1,045 to $7,864
  • General recordkeeping fine of $1,214 per day up to $12,135 total penalty

Furthermore, LTL drivers, long-haul truckers, and freight brokers could be faced with a $10,450 fine per person per violation of any commercial regulation. Those commercial operator regulations include the ELD rule.

But that is nothing compared to the fine that bus drivers, train operators, and other passenger carriers get. If these individuals break the ELD rule, they are slapped with a $26,126 fine. Curious about the heftiest fine by the FMCSA for commercial operators? That one is worth a whopping $182,877 for violating hazardous materials regulations.

Upgrading ELDs and Mounting Solutions

To protect your business from getting dinged with any fines for ELDs, invest in smarter technology. Before choosing a device, ProClip USA recommends checking the FMCSA Registered ELDs list. This regularly updated list includes all ELDs that have been registered and are self-compliant.

As you upgrade your trucking electronic logging device, make sure to get the right accessories. Start with the ProClip USA ELD device mounting system. Our fleet mounting solutions feature our durable, signature tough sleeve. Opt for our standard duty pedestal mounts or other dashboard mounting systems. Learn more about ways to protect your fleet using ELD devices and mounts.