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The Ford Focus RS is Getting Popular. Here’s Why.

The Ford Focus RS is Getting Popular. Here's Why.

January 25, 2017 •

When it comes to efficiency, quality, and reliability, dubbing an industry newcomer a top-dog competitor doesn’t come lightly. The new Ford Focus RS is here, and it’s been praised by hardcore small car lovers across the nation. Comparable to the Subaru WRX STI and the Volkswagen Golf R, the Ford Focus RS seemingly surpasses the auto world’s expectations while remaining an incredible contender.   Read More ››

Chrysler 300 Headrest Mounts for the iPad Pro 9.7

Chrysler 300 Headrest Mounts for the iPad Pro 9.7

January 23, 2017 •

There are 300 good reasons to buy a Chrysler and the MOPAR Headrest Mount is one of them. Made specifically to mount the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7, the ProClip Headrest Mount provides backseat passengers with endless hours of entertainment. If you have small children, you can easily keep them entertained with a movie, games or music in an elevated position for easy access.   Read More ››

The Foggy Windshield Solution

Foggy Windshield

January 14, 2017 •

Whether you’re living in a tropical climate or an icy tundra, you’ve probably experienced the pains associated with a fogged-up windshield. While a foggy windshield may not seem dangerous, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration considers it to be a leading cause of distracted driving. Your car’s windshield fogs up when your car’s interior temperature is different than the temperature outside. So, to fix the issue, you’ll need to strike out the source of humidity. Check out these foggy window life hacks, and take a break from futile de-fogging efforts.   Read More ››